Recreational Kayaking with Ministry Of Adventure

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Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of being invited by Ministry of Adventure to experience kayaking around the Marina Bay water! For you adventure seekers whom are looking to do something different or another unsual activity, you should definitely not give this a miss.

It was an enthralling experience just to be out in the waters and be surrounded by our beautiful skyline in the morning. This is by far a special way to enjoy the view as you glide gently with the current on a low-ride.

We gathered at 930am for our briefing and introduction to kayaking.

Basic walk-through included the following:

  • Getting into the kayak
  • Carrying the kayak
  • Paddle placement and holding
  • Paddling action (Be complacent in this and your partner will do more work. )

Once the 15-minute briefing is done, we’re off to carrying our kayaks to the waters. Now, this is where your deadlifts get handy! So make sure to keep your backs straight when you lift the boat off the ground.

Receiving our briefing before we set off.


And off we go across the Kallang River!


Excitedly heading towards MBS!


All got a little tired, and thankfully we got a stop point to rest for route briefing.


We’re in the waters and at all smiles :) .


This has got to be an STB shot..


After an hour of rowing, our instructor made each of us stand on our seats!

Seriously, it was scary trying to balance on the Kayak.  You’ll need to have a core of an acrobat for this.

The trick of course, is to have the other rowers hold onto adjacent boats for stabilization.


But we did it anyway! Look at how pro we are.


Once we were more confident of our balancing skills, our instructors made us play Swap-Seats!

And we were trying hard not to step on each other.

p1030594 p1030601

All with gleeful faces and we’re ready to go back. The very same waters were also the training ground for the dragon boat teams, so you can be sure to catch some exciting synchronous energy as part of your experience too. Wish we caught some of them in the pictures but we were too busy rowing ourselves.

On our way back, our instructor guided us further on refining steering techniques since we were paddling so beautifully out of line every 5 seconds.


Our final group picture before we head back. :) These people obviously know how to spend their weekend lah!


Thank you Ministry of Adventure for the wonderful day! Couldn’t have been a lovelier way to spend my Sunday.

For more information on other activities hosted by Ministry of Adventure, do check them out at their website:

They do offer Kayak courses and expeditions for both corporate and public too! So if you’re looking to make this an ongoing thing, go ahead and  get yourself certified!