Learning the basics of Flower Arrangement

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Flowers are the music of the ground… From earth’s lips spoken without sound.”

- Edwin Curran


A flower never fails to bring a cheer to someone’s day, and a delight comes wrapped in a bundle. Personally, I do like most flowers, especially roses, as their beauty has some sort of ability to draw out this well of overflowing joy from within.

Last Saturday, I received an opportunity to attend a Flower Arrangement Workshop at A Better Florist, a local florist that offers same-day delivery of bouquets. This hidden gem is decked away among the ground level shops in Riverside Piazza (11 Keng Cheow St ).

When you arrive, just walk past Stickies Bar along the pathway corridor and look for unit #01-02.

Upon arrival, we saw numerous stocks of flowers, tapes and scissors lined up on the table. The staff was very friendly and helpful, ensuring that everyone had received the correct amount of fresh flowers to start with.


We were each given 3 peach Roses, 2 yellow Roses, 2 Gerbera Daisies, and 3 stalks of white Carnation, and extra decorative leave stalks to begin with. Any excess foliage had already been snipped away for us!




The first step was to pre-arrange the flowers according to our own preferences. What a refreshing moment to experiment with our own creativity, and one can only imagine the years of dedication that drive the hands and minds of florists.

There was need to coordinate between gripping the base and preserving a widely spread arrangement. Don’t be surprised if you get some flowers tilting towards one side! Nature does whatever it wants. You may ask the staff and they will guide you on what to do.

Few tips highlighted were  – insert the stems into your grip, pointing them towards different directions. Lock each stock in and hold it down with your thumb.

A common tip is to place the tallest and straightest stems in the center, and smaller flowers goes towards the outer portion.

Here’s midway into my pre-tape arrangement, which could use a bit more help. I prefer my peach roses to stand out the most!


Once we have decided on the arrangement of our flowers, the next step was to tape the base. I coudn’t recall specifically, but the length to do so is about 1-and-a-half grip away from the flower heads. So to do this, grab all the stems firmly with the non-dominant hand and use your other hand to navigate between the mounted tape and wrapping the latter’s strip around the stock.


Now that the flowers are tightly bound, we wrapped the stems with a thin layer of sponge and placed it in a bag partially filled with water to ensure hydration.


Once the taping is done, the bouquet is held at a 45-degree angle and cut at the stem for about 1 grip below taped section.


Finally, we were handed 4 white rice sheets and 2 blue sheets to finish with a wrap. The steps require a lot of folding and taping just like an art and craft class,  hence detailed steps will be given when you do make a visit. :)


In my quest to discover the makings of a bouquet, I realised it was much harder than expected, but am beaming with my freshly made bouquet!


We stayed on a bit more to take a sneak peek at the different flower products that they offered. Here’s their signature ALLISON bloom which caught my heart in a glance.


As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we know that flowers can run out so quickly. So if you are looking to speak to someone’s heart this February, check them out at https://www.abetterflorist.com/flowers and you may find something.:)