Introduction to Sports Massage Course

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As a sucker for massage and also feeling for knots in the muscle tissues, I decided to enroll for the Introduction to Sports Massage course, which is certified by Sports Medicine Australia.


The whole program was a 4-day course held over 2 weekends at the Alliance Sports office , conducted by Linda and David from Alliance Sports Pte Ltd, a Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Management Clinic. Both of them hold vast amount of experience in sports injury management and sports training respectively having worked closely with National Athletes. Do check them out at

The class took up to a maximum of 10 participants, so it was a good number of people for the theoretical discussions as well as the hands-on. It was a good mix of crowd, whom some never had a background in fitness, so this course is open to anybody!

Also, there is  a final theory test and a practical test, which will be conducted on the last day. So you will have to pass these in order to get certified.

Palpating for the lats


Now my turn bro.

Our bro here enjoying his neck massage

And here is Linda showing us how to palpate for the occipital bone (the base of the skull).

This is George. He is a mini-sized skeleton and he has been man-handled by hundreds of people for educational purposes. Thank you George for bearing violation rights in the name of science.

Everyone freaks out when David swings by!


Angry masseuse alert

Our poor friend here is the overly used guinea pig because of his leanness. I do not wish to expose his un-clothed photos however.

The highlight  was definitely the hands-on sessions on all four days where we get to practice our techniques and perform full body massage on each other. There were grunting, crying, and gasping throughout the office. And when you hear a sudden yell, you know it’s when our professional sports masseuse, David who is coming by to re-demonstrate the proper technique on the guinea pig. By the end of the day, we had a mixture of feeling “shiok” and yet sore from pressing each other. As beginners, we were still trying to learn how to apply our bodyweight in our techniques. Seems like it’s not as comfortable as receiving.

A happy new Sports Massage crew is in town!

Overall, I found the class to be very useful for anyone who is interested in Sports Massage as it provided enough materials and hours for hands-on practise. You will have an overview on the skeletal and muscular system and you will learn how to feel for the different muscles and explore various massage techniques.To find out more about the course material, I highly suggest to enquire Linda at

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