Learning the basics of Flower Arrangement

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Flowers are the music of the ground… From earth’s lips spoken without sound.”

- Edwin Curran


A flower never fails to bring a cheer to someone’s day, and a delight comes wrapped in a bundle. Personally, I do like most flowers, especially roses, as their beauty has some sort of ability to draw out this well of overflowing joy from within.

Last Saturday, I received an opportunity to attend a Flower Arrangement Workshop at A Better Florist, a local florist that offers same-day delivery of bouquets. This hidden gem is decked away among the ground level shops in Riverside Piazza (11 Keng Cheow St ).

When you arrive, just walk past Stickies Bar along the pathway corridor and look for unit #01-02.

Upon arrival, we saw numerous stocks of flowers, tapes and scissors lined up on the table. The staff was very friendly and helpful, ensuring that everyone had received the correct amount of fresh flowers to start with.


We were each given 3 peach Roses, 2 yellow Roses, 2 Gerbera Daisies, and 3 stalks of white Carnation, and extra decorative leave stalks to begin with. Any excess foliage had already been snipped away for us!




The first step was to pre-arrange the flowers according to our own preferences. What a refreshing moment to experiment with our own creativity, and one can only imagine the years of dedication that drive the hands and minds of florists.

There was need to coordinate between gripping the base and preserving a widely spread arrangement. Don’t be surprised if you get some flowers tilting towards one side! Nature does whatever it wants. You may ask the staff and they will guide you on what to do.

Few tips highlighted were  – insert the stems into your grip, pointing them towards different directions. Lock each stock in and hold it down with your thumb.

A common tip is to place the tallest and straightest stems in the center, and smaller flowers goes towards the outer portion.

Here’s midway into my pre-tape arrangement, which could use a bit more help. I prefer my peach roses to stand out the most!


Once we have decided on the arrangement of our flowers, the next step was to tape the base. I coudn’t recall specifically, but the length to do so is about 1-and-a-half grip away from the flower heads. So to do this, grab all the stems firmly with the non-dominant hand and use your other hand to navigate between the mounted tape and wrapping the latter’s strip around the stock.


Now that the flowers are tightly bound, we wrapped the stems with a thin layer of sponge and placed it in a bag partially filled with water to ensure hydration.


Once the taping is done, the bouquet is held at a 45-degree angle and cut at the stem for about 1 grip below taped section.


Finally, we were handed 4 white rice sheets and 2 blue sheets to finish with a wrap. The steps require a lot of folding and taping just like an art and craft class,  hence detailed steps will be given when you do make a visit. :)


In my quest to discover the makings of a bouquet, I realised it was much harder than expected, but am beaming with my freshly made bouquet!


We stayed on a bit more to take a sneak peek at the different flower products that they offered. Here’s their signature ALLISON bloom which caught my heart in a glance.


As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we know that flowers can run out so quickly. So if you are looking to speak to someone’s heart this February, check them out at https://www.abetterflorist.com/flowers and you may find something.:)

Shoebox Operation 2017

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As you know, I headed to Marikina in September for a missions trip. As a continuation on that trip, my team thought it’d be great for us to send gifts back to Marikina this Christmas!

If you are curious about the amazing adventure on trip, here is an entry to shed a light on what we did: PHI 04: Marikina Cornerstone Mission Trip August 2017 .

The concept that we came up with is simple – find an old shoebox at home, fill it up with gifts for a little girl, commit to joining the project, and drop off our boxes at our designated drop-off point.

Due to a lack of manpower, we’ve limited our gifting this year to only the Girls’ Home we visited in October, and are aiming to collect 137 shoeboxes by 20th November.

Find out more at http://op-shoebox.tumblr.com, and feel free to spread the word!

If you feel the heart to commit a shoebox or two, please kindly sign the pledge form to indicate your commitment: Click here

* Update on Operation Shoebox: All boxes have been completely filled. Thank you all for your willing hearts to be a part of this! For those of you who would like to be a part of such operations in the future, do reach out to be kept in the loop.*

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-11 at 17.48.32

So I got really excited on planning for the girls (13 – 16years) that my 3 pledges were for. Spent a lovely afternoon in town and here’s what I’ve got – 3 sets of bracelets, hair ties, floral notebooks and a cotton on dress.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-24 at 17.05.24-2

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-24 at 17.05.24

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-24 at 17.05.24-4

It was only upon purchase that I come to truly appreciate the love my parents have for me through their expressions of gifts. Growing up in a family and country where I have been blessed to receive, it is also easy to slip into a consumer “lack” mindset and forget that there is a bigger gift in giving to others. May these boxes bless the hands and hearts of the little ones who receive it.

Reasons to Guard Your Heart

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As King Solomon said,

Proverbs 4:23
Keep your heart with all diligence,
For out of it spring the issues of life.

Note that he mentioned with “all diligence”, not just when it’s convenient, or when we have time.

I am not implying to guard oneself against other people, for we are to love each other (John 13:34) , but to guard your hearts at all times.

Be very diligent with what thoughts you decide to let into your mind, and what kind of information you let in, especially unedifying conversations, gossips, social media, etc.

The heart itself is deceitful and has its scheming way of seducing us to buy information that may seem harmless.

But when we are not equipped with His knowledge, our hearts are conditioned to accept the hardest hits.

Guard your heart with His love. The heart is the source of everything we do, speak and think. With His love, only living Water overflows onto us and others.

From Aethism to Christianity

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2016 has truly been the best and most astounding year of my life.
As the year commences into 2018, I felt compelled to share a little about my former “aethist mentality”.
As someone who was super skeptical, I preferred not to question. But after having went through a gradual process of painful introspection, my heart fell into full surrender.
Just to shed some light,  I have listed below characteristics of a “lazy, unquestioning” aethist that lived in a system for 27 and a half years

1. My main identity was built around the “wrong” things.

I grew up in a secular family. I used to think that believing in a God would be “crampin my style”,  and that having a God seemed so restrictive.
Rules sounded oppressive, a sense of imprisoning, and that they didn’t apply to me. A lot of my life decisions subconsciously followed what made me “feel good” — pursue your dreams, be happy, break the rules.
I preferred to deny the existence of God at my convenience, without really thinking about why I did.
Or maybe, as long as I don’t think about whether there’s a God, that means he doesn’t exist.
Even if there was a God, an upper being who created everything, He didn’t need to have a say in my life.
After all, what could be more important than the stuff of my life?
I had my family,  friends,  career,  dog, fitness, social media, etc.

My life felt complete as I thought.
The ego had to fill itself up with things. And so it did with these things


2. I had Spiritual Pride and thought I was in full control of my life.

I had some sort of Spiritual Pride – “the illusion that we are competent to run our own lives, achieve our own sense of self-worth and find a purpose big enough to give us meaning in life without God.”

And that was an endless wild goose chase.

As a former aethist, I would be extremely offended at this particular definition.

After all, I don’t need anybody to tell me what my sense of self-worth and purpose should be.

It’s all up to me to define them, right?

Accompanied with that belief are the set of questions very commonly asked by fellow aethist friends as well.

“I’m a good person. I don’t need a God to teach me how to be good.”

“How come some Christians do bad stuff and get away with it?”

“How can all people come from Adam and Eve?”

“A God is just for WEAK people.”

“Why would a loving God send people to hell?”

If the following questions resonate with you,  one of the above is well addressed by world-renowned Christian Apologist and Defender of the faith, Ravi Zacharias. A well-respected speaker, who “has direct contact with key leaders, senators, congressmen, and governors who consult him on an ongoing basis.”, he was also even invited to speak twice at the Annual Prayer Breakfast at the United Nations in New York, which marks the beginning of the UN General Assembly each year.

Just a simple contrast between Mr Zacharias’s deliverance of his speeches with that of world-renowned aethist Richard Dawkin, known for his best-selling book (“The God Delusion”), we can observe Mr Zacharias’s grace, poise and with no intention to provoke his questioners.

I do wish we could witness a live debate between Mr Zacharias and Mr Dawkins, but his schedule most likely only allow time for peacemaking seminars.

3.    I thought I was a good person.

As long as my common sense tells me not to lie, cheat, steal or murder, I walk as a good person on society’s moral grounds and legal obedience.

The word ‘sin’ felt blameful.

But, in essence, it really means unprofitable behaviour – that it is more than just killing, stealing, cheating and lying.

My biggest misconception of sin was that it only refers to only outrightly and morally “bad stuff” committed.

But here’s the broader view of sin – it is an organic pest that breeds from a bad thought. It breeds the moment it has its opportunity.

Just like cancer cells, sin multiplies and proliferates to breed tumours quicker than we can ever treat it.

And they give rise to spiritual tumours like pride, greed, envy, jealousy, gluttony etc. These tumours harm relationships with others.

Temptations to gossip (pride) , ogling looks at a person (lust) , buying expensive things over giving to those in need (greed/covetedness), desire to seek pleasure from fame and wealth (envy), indulging in vengeful or violent thoughts (wrath) are always around and lurking.

Like cancer and its unpredictable mutations, root of sin manifests in all forms and variations, even when we think it is harmless.

On a side note, if common sense is all we need, how are we to assume that a serial murderer’s common sense is the same as one of a civilian’s?

4.I thought “being yourself” was liberating.

Needless to say, I played hopscotch with multitudes of “Be Yourself” self-fulfiling philosophies.
Skipping from different streams of “be yourself” messages out there in the media, it all led to a river of confusion.

“It is a trap to say we should not worry about living up to everyone else’s standards, just set our own. That’s not an answer. Boosting our self-esteem by living up to our own standards or someone else’s sounds like a great solution.
But it does not deliver. It cannot deliver. I cannot live up to my parents’ standards – and that makes me feel terrible. I cannot live up to your standards – and that makes me feel terrible. I cannot live up to society’s standards – and that makes me feel terrible. I cannot live up to other societies’ standards – that makes me feel terrible.
Perhaps the solution is to set my own standards? But I cannot keep them either – and that makes me feel terrible, unless I set incredibly low standards. Are low standards a solution? Not at all. That makes me feel terrible because I realize I am the type of person who has low standards.
Trying to boost our self-esteem by trying to live up to our own standards or someone else’s is a trap. It is not an answer.”

God is like a loving father to his child. He sets His house standards, and unlike how one might view it as restrictive, His boundaries are loving, and protects us from self-destructing ourselves because of society’s worldly standards.

5. I believed in evolution simply because it looked logical.

As a former aethist, I believed strongly in evolution, admittedly stemming from ignorance and just because it was taught in school.

Today, there are a lot of heated debates over this, that it’s either the creationist way or another.

Still, there are some questions yet to be answered.

If we came from apes, where are the apes in mid-transition?

Did the chicken or egg come first?

How did the first organic molecule DNA come about from random collisions of non-living, inorganic substances?

I never thought about these questions until I read The Reason For God. After much thought and a deeper dive into cell biology, I have come to the conclusion that I have no problem accepting that God created humans from the very beginning.

The complexity and inter-dependance of the different biological systems plus the unique physiology of each organelle, cell and tissue makes it hard to imagine that each part can come about without the other.

Just like a computer program that has very unique functions, it requires an intelligent mind to design it just as the human body does.

There are many differing views on this topic, one in which evolution could jolly well be compatible with the Christian faith. Regardless, this whole topic has provoked a series of questioning in relation to the Book of Genesis, which made me further in awe of God’s amazing works.

Also, below is a very interesting video that gives us an insight regarding the thought process of disagreement.

(The host could come on a little strong at some parts, so I do recommend keeping your mind open.  If you find that you would like to have a discussion, I’m very happy to take it into a private chat or email. )

The overall goal isn’t to reinforce a belief on anyone, but to re-open a door of thought about why one thinks the way he or she does. I  do admit that I still do have a lot of reading and researching to be done on proposed theories, but what God has shown me supercedes any reason to waiver my faith for Him.

If you’re constantly searching for the meaning and purpose of life, then question of whether the chicken or egg came first could be one of vital importance.

Even if you believe in the scientist, question the science itself. For having belief in science without questioning is still faith without questioning. A great way to continue learning! :)

If you’re interested, here’s another interview video on evolution.

As of by far, we have not have any concrete evidence to prove inter-species evolution. Most of them would point back to the Galapagos Finch, even though the birds still remained as birds. I recalled this as primary school textbook information, and it’s still only the one that professors at college level could use as concrete evidence (but it’s classified under natural adaptation rather than inter-species evolution).


Whether you’re working hard into the wee hours and doubting yourself, or wondering why you’re back to square one of depression after a month of getting your $XXXXX pay increment, or giving up your career as a woman in this “super-mom” society.

With Christ, there is only gain. This means




for each and every one of us.

Love taught in the movies has us looking for it all in the wrong places, when the true love

- the love of God -

has been knocking on our doors all the time, just whether we choose to answer it.

It was a matter of whether I was willing to drop my pride.

It was a matter of whether I was willing to take back my words and ask for forgiveness for my ignorance.

And till this day, I submitted my life and never looked back.

To end this off, to all of us who are His children, may the verse Jeremiah 29:11 tug your hearts this Christmas:

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3  The Joy of the Lord is our Strength until eternity <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

NEPAL Shelter Build 2017 by Habitat for Humanity (Hearts of Labour)

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29 APR TO 7 MAY 2017


<<<<<<<  DETAILS  >>>>>>>

Trip Date : April 29 to May 7 2017

Build Date : May 1 to May 5 2017

Host Country: Nepal

*Min. Donation per pax: $1000 (See elaboration below)

**Est. Individual Costs: $1264++ (not including R & R)

Est. Total Costs: $2264++

* There is a donation of S$1,000 per pax for a team of min. 12 pax. Do note that this is donation is EXCLUDING in-country expenses, airfare and any other recreational costs.

The donation goes towards the cost of building a house in the host country. Participants may choose to fundraise for this donation by contacting civic groups, churchs, friends, family etc.

** Individual costs include airfare, in-country expenses, accident and medical insurance and is dependent on the build location. Recreational costs have not been factored in and is subject to discussion within team for any extra activities outside the build dates. All costs are stated in Singapore dollars.


Contact me at 97397964

or Martin at 97214853.

Or indicate your interest at 


Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook by clicking on the link button below!

FB GROUP : https://www.facebook.com/events/1840311892882589/

Recreational Kayaking with Ministry Of Adventure

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Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of being invited by Ministry of Adventure to experience kayaking around the Marina Bay water! For you adventure seekers whom are looking to do something different or another unsual activity, you should definitely not give this a miss.

It was an enthralling experience just to be out in the waters and be surrounded by our beautiful skyline in the morning. This is by far a special way to enjoy the view as you glide gently with the current on a low-ride.

We gathered at 930am for our briefing and introduction to kayaking.

Basic walk-through included the following:

  • Getting into the kayak
  • Carrying the kayak
  • Paddle placement and holding
  • Paddling action (Be complacent in this and your partner will do more work. )

Once the 15-minute briefing is done, we’re off to carrying our kayaks to the waters. Now, this is where your deadlifts get handy! So make sure to keep your backs straight when you lift the boat off the ground.

Receiving our briefing before we set off.


And off we go across the Kallang River!


Excitedly heading towards MBS!


All got a little tired, and thankfully we got a stop point to rest for route briefing.


We’re in the waters and at all smiles :) .


This has got to be an STB shot..


After an hour of rowing, our instructor made each of us stand on our seats!

Seriously, it was scary trying to balance on the Kayak.  You’ll need to have a core of an acrobat for this.

The trick of course, is to have the other rowers hold onto adjacent boats for stabilization.


But we did it anyway! Look at how pro we are.


Once we were more confident of our balancing skills, our instructors made us play Swap-Seats!

And we were trying hard not to step on each other.

p1030594 p1030601

All with gleeful faces and we’re ready to go back. The very same waters were also the training ground for the dragon boat teams, so you can be sure to catch some exciting synchronous energy as part of your experience too. Wish we caught some of them in the pictures but we were too busy rowing ourselves.

On our way back, our instructor guided us further on refining steering techniques since we were paddling so beautifully out of line every 5 seconds.


Our final group picture before we head back. :) These people obviously know how to spend their weekend lah!


Thank you Ministry of Adventure for the wonderful day! Couldn’t have been a lovelier way to spend my Sunday.

For more information on other activities hosted by Ministry of Adventure, do check them out at their website:  https://www.ministryofadventure.com/

They do offer Kayak courses and expeditions for both corporate and public too! So if you’re looking to make this an ongoing thing, go ahead and  get yourself certified!

Habitat For Humanity Jogja Build 2016 2nd May to 7 May 2017

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This year May 2017, I decided to take up a shelter build trip with Habitat for Humanity with 9 other amazing individuals. The initial motivation was to expose myself to a different kind of experience altogether. But at the end of it all, it could only strike the most impact upon one’s perspective of life . Before I deepen into any afterthoughts, let’s scroll down the pictures to what a shelter build is like!


02 - Team Photo
Day 1 – This is the almighty team of 10 assembled outside the Habitat For Humanity Indonesia’s office. A super nice and outgoing bunch of people!

03 - Orientation
At the office. We are taken through an introduction to Habitat for Humanity Indonesia and the dispatch of teams across villages in Indonesia.

05 a - Pick Up Truck
And then now it’s time to get to work and we head off in our pick up truck. Haha! This was practically our mode of transport to the work site every day.

05c - Climb Hill
Walking uphill to our work site

05d - Flag
We were given this cool banner to pose with. Leaders much??



Stage 1 – Demolition

Before we could begin any construction, we had to commence the demolition of the current house, an old shelter made of mainly wooden walls and brick roof. So here we begin tearing down the house.

31aii - Mr Kamin Old House
To begin with, this is the original house of Mr Kamin. The owner of the shelter that we were going to construct.

07 - Roof Top
Abangs on the roof top de-tiling

09b - Tile Toss
Forming the human chain

06c - Arvind on Ladders



Stage 2 – Trench Digging and Material Transportation

And once we’re done clearing the site, the canvas is set up over the area to provide some shade while we begin digging trenches to lay the foundation. We also had to transport materials (cement, bricks) up the slope. Boy, was it just gruelling manual labour.

13b - Alvin
Alvin hard at work!

14 - Group Photo
We had to wheelbarrow lots of cement uphill!

13d - Dennis Digging13c - Digging14h - Simon Transport Wood14 - Transport Material14a - Ivant Transport14c - Simon Transport12 - Ivant Smile26 - Alvin carry Brick26 - Dennis Carry Brik

14g - Vivian Transport

Stage 3 – Wire Bending and Cement Mixing

While the materials are being transported, other tasks such as wire bending has been assigned to other team members who would like to take it a little easier.

19b - Donna Cement Digging
Combined forces with the gang leader

18c - Alvin Kerok
Falling sick from the heat. This is known as “kerok”-ing, a traditional form of Indonesian gua sha

16b - Dennis and Svetlana Wire Bending16a - Vivian Metal Bend21 - Bang Metal19a - Alvin Mixing cement18d - Cement Mixing44 - Gang with Kids18 - Resting18b - Resting17b - Lunch

Stage 4 – Bricklayering and Plastering

Next, we’re all set to lay the bricks and plaster them up!

23 - A Group27a - Girls Bricklayering27b - Yim Bricklayering27a - Martin Bricklayering


Saying our Goodbyes

On the final day, it was hard to hold back. Tears were shed not only because we had to leave, but we learnt how much this had meant to Mr Kami and the villagers. It’s all about Mr Kamin being able to have a home to pass down for generations. :)

40 - Donna With Kids
Girl doesn’t seem so happy with me! :(

37a - Thank you06a - Mr Kamin and Wife50 - End42 - All Children


Highlight – Rest and Relaxation!

As we come to the end of our build, a day is scheduled in for rest and relaxation. So off we go to Borobudur at 3am to catch the amazing sunset, then we raced through the gravel on Mount Merapi in jeeps.

58 - Jeep  56 - Dnna Dennis Alvin 55 - Simon  53 - Sunrise 52 - The Rest 51 - Simon Alvin and Dennis

To end it all, I would like to share a little story.

When you are born into this world with a list of privileges ready for you and basic needs satisfied  it is unconditionally ingrained that this is the everyday norm. It is hard to fathom even a day without our smartphones, much less to say not having enough food on the table.

Back in Secondary school, I was a glutton and did not like to share my food. Often, during recess breaks, my classmates and I would gather around for lunch. I would buy my usual plate of rice, vegetables and meats, coming back to the table brimming with joyful hunger. Just as when I am about to dig in, at least one of my friends would ask me the dreadful question,”Donna. Can I have some?”. During the age of growth, such a request throbs my heart as if someone was about to kidnap my daughter rice grains from my plate.

Despite my blackened face, I usually say “Yes” unwillingly. Truly, deep inside, I pleaded them to read my face and politely back off.

And then Miss Hungry-but-not-hungry-enough-to-order-her-own-food would reach for my spoon at tortoise speed, gently scoops into my rice mash at a speed where my eye pupils could steadily follow her thumbnail’s arc of motion. Inside, I was screaming,”Why don’t you buy your own food?!”.

The whole situation may feel hilarious and my group of friends will always poke at me about this fact.

But the whole point is on the grand scale of things, the world becomes cold when each of us desire the excess of things when we can have less and share with others. Just as the eating incident as aforementioned, I don’t really need that much food in order to be full, yet I wanted to be filled to the brim. And this is why gluttony is also known to be a “sinful” act. Taking in beyond what we need robs others of their daily bread.

Nevertheless, I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Albeit a little shortcut through the summary, but I hope the pictures have given you an idea about a build project hosted by Habitat For Humanity.


60 - End

5 Kitchen Items You Should Replace

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If you cook a lot at home or eat in, it is most likely that you will possess some of the kitchen essentials below.

As mis-informed consumers about food, we tend to not pay attention to what’s written on the nutritional labels and end up choosing items that are heavily processed and de-mineralized.

The key thing is to select ingredients that are whole, natural and organic.

Plus, they will still taste the same AND save you unnecessary calories/bloating.

So below is an infographic showing 5 basic kitchen items that can give you booster health tweaks simply by replacing them.





How to minimise Chinese New Year binging

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With Chinese New Year around the corner, the upcoming week’s worth of affairs is enough to pause exercise routines and inflate appetites.

While we line up several house visits, awaiting us are smiley Uncles and Aunties preparing to shove into our mouths their most premium Kueh Bangkits and sugary Pineapple Tarts from that 5-star hotel so-and-so. And before you know it, you have packed your total calories for the day in just a single house visit, with  a few more to go.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10.43.37 pm


If you have already engraved the mindset of “ready to whack”, then your stomach’s agenda is all fired up and no man will stop you. But if you are wondering on how to negotiate with the internal conflicts when that buttery fragrance whiffs through your nostrils, read on.



This is especially for the new year “Get-Healthy” resolutionees feeling the upcoming sabotage to their plans. Not helping are the the rest of your friends whom are like “wait until chinese new year over then I start lah“.
So, below are a few tips to tackle the Chinese New Year binging.

Are you ready?……Honestly, it’s the same for any other usual day.


#1. Have your usual balanced meal just before you go visiting.


 What? Won’t I just eat even more.

No, the point is to not have a super hungry you going crazy in the presence of food galore.

When we intentionally starve ourselves because we know we are going to fill ourselves up with food, our minds psychologically becomes a zero-willpower beast.

By feeding ourselves then only can we keep this beast tamed and calm. Your “ready to whack” gets reduced to “test test here and there”. Our brain then allows us to exercise better decision-making, picking out the most “worthy” goodies left to fill up the remaining space.

So go ahead and have your usual meal. Or if you are visiting, approach the table of foods first and get your usual portions of vegetables and meats in first. After that, enjoy your remaining space with some snack delights!

Point to note — it’s easier to stop when you are ACTUALLY full compared to trying to resist finishing the whole TUB of pineapple tarts.

So the key thing to take away here is – aim for fullness on nutrient-dense stuff rather than restriction on nutrient-poor stuff.

Remember – starvation leads to way more food intake than what you actually would eat for the day. Unless of course if you literally enjoy the feeling of being gorged, then this doesn’t apply to you.

#2.  Fill yourself up with Veggies and Fruits

Steamboat for reunion dinners is actually a blessing in disguise compared to other occasional fares like Christmas.
In preparation for the family reunion, load up more on the veggies (and abalone). Kai Lan, Spinach, Seaweed, Fa Cai, you name it.


The fibre is sure to keep your saiety in check and curb your appetite. Instead of snacks, steer towards a whole mandarin orange first instead and then you decide again.


#3.  Eat slowly and savor.

In our culture, we have the habit of gobbling and wolving down our food as if an eternal war is going on. When it comes to buffets, we conceive that 8-month old food baby from a fullness rate of 150%.

If you can’t control the quantity, then one thing you can control is YOUR SPEED.


 So learn to eat SLOWLY. Listen to your appetite and hunger cues. The food is not going to disappear. When you eat slowly, you feel full on a lot less than you actually eat. Cos it takes some time before our body starts telling us we’re done.

I used to be eating 500 calories within 10 minutes and still feel like I want to eat a whole cow. Heck me and my girls even took pride in how much we could eat because it was so impressive to our relatives. It’s a vicious demultiplier to our health, and our internal organs were definitely not impressed.

So, having practised slow, mindful eating, I have found that the rate of me wanting to order another portion has reduced by half overtime. Simply because, by the time I’m done, my fullness cues have already set in.

Oh no. It’s impossible. I will still feel hungry.

I am a huge foodie with a very large appetite so yes, I will tell you it’s possible. If you haven’t tried it, you will never know.


#4. Aim for non-sugary drinks

Instead of the sugar-popping sodas, aim for iced water. Other soft drinks such as Oolong Tea and Heaven and Earth sugarless Green Tea will be great alternatives too if you have a wide selection from the beverage box.


Soft drinks are notorious for their sugar count and leads to an unwanted sugar spike. Combined with the binge baby, this is sure to leave you comatosed on your relative’s couch.

So with all that said, I hope now you have a better idea on going about your CNY portion control for each house visit. Nevertheless, relax, enjoy and have fun.


#5.  Eat from the hand. Not from the tub.

A lot of you may go meh at this point. And I can truly understand.

 ‘Shiok leh eat from the tub.’

Yes okay I know it’s shiok.
Unlimited supply of pineapple tarts.
Getting high on that  tub-frenzy spasm that swims through our bodies as we dig in.
But given that, we have no visual cue of our portion size. So what does this mean?

First, take a look at this quote by behavioral psychologist mark from http://lifehacker.com/why-we-eat-whatevers-in-front-of-us-473869866

“Nobody eats one and a quarter apples, right? The unit is an apple. And so you eat an apple. And so you can apply that same sort of experimental logic to things like bags of chips. And you can actually make a bag of chips 20 percent bigger, and 20 percent smaller. And people still eat one bag of chips, and they eat until it’s done.”

So there you go, this year’s CNY, that unit is your hand, your palm size. Watch how you feel after 1 palm of serving.
Well, like I said, if you already have the agenda to go nuts, by all means. But if you’re keen on understanding how to go about in moderation, you can start by the palm rule. Indeed, Auntie may be disappointed that you aren’t finishing her good intentions. So just say no to her ang pao and she’ll feel better.
 Also, go for whole snacks such as almonds and cashews are the best option to go for as they are rich in  magnesium and good fats. They fill you up indefinitely.


How to make small changes for big results for the New Year

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With the new year embracing us, it’s the time where we re-write our list of new goals.  If “get fit” is at the top 10 of your list, then read on. While every new year ignites another spark of determination, an all-or-nothing approach usually sends one dwindling back to the same bad habits.

Say, you start the first day with cutting out with rice. Tad a little uncomfortable. But you hang on. Yes, you reached the second day without rice. And then the third. And then the fourth. You keep giving yourself a pat at the back. But what is happening is a stone pulled back in a catapult… waiting for that moment to launch. That stone is your hunger. And the catapult is all the unhealthy habits you are reinforcing to hold back that hunger. Before you know it, the stone flings forward and you find yourself ravenously munching on the chips.

Sound familiar? That’s because you’re most likely entering a starvation diet, one that restricts your calories. Yes, you do need to be in a calorie deficit for fat loss to occur, but you don’t have to be bored, hungry or depriving your body. You can still be healthy and living it up. How?

One change at a time..

Make small adjustments weekly to your regular eating patterns and physical activity. For example, if you are not a regular breakfast taker, then start taking breakfast for the first week. Focus on that one change you need to make. Once that change gets a strong daily foothold, you’re good to move onto the next change.

You can also start by making a resolution to eat more multi-colored fruits and vegetables for your first week. This itself, is an easy change to tackle, whether you’ll be eating in at home or ordering take away. Once that habit locks in, you can move on to other habits such as deciding whether you want to start preparing your own food and increasing your exercise frequency over the weeks.

Soon you’ll find the incremental changes becomes image from bossy galsa permanent lifestyle. Unless you are fully experienced and a true-blue practitioner of bulking and cutting diets (usually applicable to professional figure models), it’s most likely you want to do it slow and steadily. Just like walking on a thin line mid-air. And in that, balance is key.


Key Actions You Can Do

  1. Over a span of 2 weeks, change one meal at a time. For example, during breakfast, have scrambled eggs (a protein source), spinach, tomatoes (vegetables and fiber) and a slice of whole wheat toast. Focus on having that balanced breakfast daily. Then move on to changing your dinner to something as simple as grilled chicken breast (a protein source), avocado, cherry tomatoes, mixed salad.

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  2. If you are just starting out on the exercise, you can begin by having just 1 to 2 sessions of workout per week, which will allow ample time for recovery and adaptation. Adding in too much exercise too soon can hamper your recovery sleep, motivation and appetite. Remember to allow your body to adjust before deciding to add another session.cropped-10885293_10152866160433956_4280632444120769183_n1.jpg
  3. Chart down all the food you eaten for a day. So that you can have a clear record of what you ate. You can do this via myFitnessPal. I’ve written a post here to demonstrate that at How to check your Macro Intake on myFitnessPal
  4. Aim for 15 ml of water per pound of bodyweight. Water plays a vital role in almost every function in our bodies. Even that daytime fatigue can be caused by lack of water. A natural appetite suppressant, water helps to metabolize stored fat.

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  5. Eat slowly. Your body takes a while for the fullness to be signaled by the brain.Copyright: dancingcarrots.com
  6. Understand situations that make you vulnerable to binge. This means occasions like Chinese New Year (pineapple tarts, yikes) where you’re more likely to be surrounded by Force-You-To-Eat-Uncles and CNY goodies. You can use Point 5. to tackle them just to prove you still have more in your hands before you can move on to their “please eat more” demands.