Coolest Infographic on High-Intensity Interval Training

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  As a big fan of HIIT, here is a cool infographic from on why HIIT can give you sky-rocket benefits! In short, the above reasons holds for why I incorporate HIIT into my weekly regime: HIIT is time-efficient. More calories, shorter amount of time. Period. HIIT gives you a higher EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygym Consumption), which yields a higher afterburn post-exercise, […]

Eating Right during the Office Lunch Break: How and Where

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This article is just a general approach to healthier, balanced eating for the average individual. If you are looking for a specific and customized approach for weight loss and muscle-building, please consult a professional. As we see an upcoming trend in people eating healthier in Singapore, more and more are heading towards the clean way of eating. While stuffing […]

Response to “8 Reasons why a skinny girlfriend might not be the best girlfriend”

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This blog post is a response to the article: This article would not have caught my attention in any way but since they used the photo  (taken by Cheryl Tay) to symbolize “skinniness”, I will have a voice on this. So the writer has given 8  reasons why a skinny girlfriend might not be the best […]

WBPF Singapore 2015

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Here are some very few pictures below that I took from the WBPF Singapore last Sunday that took part at Geylang West CC. It was such a muscle-candy galore as the contestants strut their thing across the stage. I didn’t manage to take photos of them on the stage however as I was too engrossed […]