Working with my clients is what makes this journey with them worth every second.

Here are some stories/testimonials of our work together:



 “Her approach towards my training and meal plans are customised for my lifestyle to ensure that they integrate as seamlessly as possible with my schedule.”

“I initially started with Donna as a show of support for my best friend’s career choices. I admit that I wasn’t sure where personal training would take me because of my previous lousy experience with a personal trainer in a mega-gym. However, training with Donna has entirely changed my perspective on fitness and PT. I never knew PT could be so fun and engaging!!

I look forward to all my sessions with Donna. She truly truly cares about my progress, and is an excellent motivator. Donna injects so much positivity in my life, and gives me the right amount of incentive and support to follow through with eating right and training well. She also demonstrates a deep level of understanding about my time constraints and personal concerns.

Her approach towards my training and meal plans are customised for my lifestyle to ensure that they integrate as seamlessly as possible with my schedule. Donna’s plans for me are totally feasible, effective, and sustainable, which makes it difficult for me to come up with excuses not to follow them!

I am very happy with my progress thus far, and unhesitatingly recommend Donna as a personal trainer and friend.” -Sheryl, Lawyer



Glo came to me in preparation for her wedding and wanted to trim down.

On the left, Glo’s main regime was running 5 times a week and her diet was far from satisfactory in terms of nutritional balance. She came to me after a long rest from her condition of having herniated disc bulge. We worked together on building her strength up slowly via progressive weights training twice a week and also revamped her eating habits so that she meets her minimum daily macronutrient intake.

Now, with a balanced diet, Glo is eating a lot more and her metabolism fired up along with the training!  Plus she is still able to enjoy lovely family dinners over the weekend, not giving up her social life!

After giving birth to 4 kids, Angela carried on with her usual lifestyle – eating very little and also running 3 times a week. However, she finds that she still has little energy and is constantly feeling bloated. So she decided to work with me.
After 1 and a half month of clearing up her diet and macros plus re-visiting her training regime, we added resistance training into her regime and now her metabolism has geared up!

Food-wise, we cleaned up her diet and introduced eating for her recommended macros. Now she’s eating way more than before!

Also, Angela is a very busy working person, and packing from home is not a viable option. With some support, guidance and flexibility, Angela is now empowered with the knowledge to select better foods to hit her macros even during meetings and gatherings!

It all boils down to shaping your daily habits. Invest in your habits and they will give you the greatest long-lasting returns.


“A personal trainer should empower you to take charge of your own body even without her physical presence; for that reason among many others – such as her professionalism and good nature.”

“I engaged Donna with the intention to build strength and complement my yoga practice. As I have been athletic from a young age, having a training regime is not foreign to me; nonetheless, Donna helped me a great deal in devising a holistic and sustainable strength building programme that saw results in as quickly as three weeks.

The sessions with Donna were well-paced and useful, and enabled me to continue regular yoga and other physical activities. Even though frequent travel disrupted my training, the knowledge and routines that Donna shared with me are easily maintained on my own. A personal trainer should empower you to take charge of your own body even without her physical presence; for that reason among many others – such as her professionalism and good nature – I recommend Donna to anyone who is committed to starting on a fitness journey and willing to stay committed to it in the long run.” -Manda, Personal Assistant



“She’s  very patient and caring to make me do the training at my current level of fitness and from there reach for higher levels. I have lost 7kg (53kg)”
I had decided to lose weight and start a fitness program to gain fitness and get onto an active lifestyle . I had taken doctor’s prescription medicine for weight loss, I had gone to Weight management Centre and tried to start jogging. I did not see any significant loss in weight or improving fitness levels.
I had contacted Donna Samuel somewhere in July 2015. She is my personal trainer and introduced me to HIIT and endurance training. She’s  very patient and caring to make me do the training at my current level of fitness and from there reach for higher levels. I have lost 7kg (53kg) . Donna’s methods are really custom-made to what I wanted and achieved.  She had also advised me on nutrition and ways to plan the meals to augment the training. I am extremely satisfied that Donna had made me achieve my goals and more.
I would recommend Donna Samuel to anyone who’s looking to change their lifestyle to a active one.
You are the best Trainer!
Thank you.
- Jayanthi, Finance Director

“PT sessions with Donna have definitely increased by energy levels, practically eliminated the fatigue.”

After high-school and college, where I was active in team sports like Basketball and even competed in Swim galas, fitness did not feature in any way really in my life – when the weather is great outside (for the middle east only during the winter months!) we’d go for walks, but otherwise no dedicated gym time or anything like that
I was in my late 20s and had moved to Singapore for work. My lifestyle was totally different and I noticed I had more fatigue despite not doing much strenuous activity, also while not overweight I was definitely not as firm as I would like, so primarily to combat what I perceived as premature ageing effects and also to feel healthier I decided to sign up for a personal trainer. Also, I am NOT a fan of exercise, so unless someone is there to motivate me I know myself well enough to know I would not voluntarily maintain a regular fitness schedule on my own at the gym!
I tried 1 personal trainer before finding Donna, and while my previous trainer was perfectly lovely, the workouts she proposed for me felt “by the book” and not personalized. Donna CUSTOMIZES the sessions not only for my physical state but for my emotional state too! When she sees I’ve had a rough day she eases up and makes the work out exciting rather than repetitive and boring. She explains her target for me and how she intends to get me there and keeps the sessions fresh my introducing new work-outs every single session
Donna recommended I take informal notes of my food intake and she noticed that while I’m not necessarily eating the wrong things, I wasn’t maintaining regular meal times. Her recommendations to fit in snacks into my busy work day and also what changes to make with when I choose to eat I found subtle yet hugely effective! If she had asked me to keep a food journal it would’ve been extra work for me – her recommendations fit MY convenience which I love.
Donna is ALWAYS flexible, and for me this is invaluable. She also takes the time to check-in in between sessions to recommend “homework” and also makes sure to provide me a plan if either of us are travelling and will not have time for our regular sessions.
PT sessions with Donna have definitely increased by energy levels, practically eliminated the fatigue. When I have an event I want to target certain areas for I communicate that and Donna caters the sessions according to those focused needs when they arise. I feel stronger and healthier and my close are certainly fitting better!
Saying I was ‘not a fan’ of exercise was an understatement; I hate exercise! But, despite my grouchiness sometimes and complaints during the session, Donna is ALWAYS so positive and non-judgemental and motivates me to continue the drill, or quickly changes it up if she finds I am resistant to whatever work-out she has proposed. I LOOK FORWARD to the sessions because of her enthusiasm and passion for personal training, its infectious!   – Aisha Alkharusi, Diplomat


“Donna is an experienced and effective personal trainer who has the ability to motivate without being intimidating. I had never considered getting a personal trainer in the past, as I thought I would be able to workout on my own (and also, the idea of having some big buff guy training me was kind of intimidating). However, I have no regrets about training with Donna because she has helped me achieve my fitness goals. Before I started personal training, I had trouble exercising effectively because I didn’t know how to properly work the machines and equipment at the gym. Donna not only taught me how to work the machines correctly, but also showed me different ways to mix up my workout. Every session was interesting and challenging, because she incorporated a mix of different exercises, including TRX, strength training and HIIT.

As I wanted to lose weight, Donna also designed a customised diet plan for me with recommended meals and snacks. While it took some time and effort on my part, I appreciated how the plan was a long-term one to slowly change my eating habits, rather than a fad diet that would only be effective short-term. After changing my eating habits and doing a series of effective workouts with Donna, I soon started to feel and see the difference. I was stronger, leaner and more functional.
As a trainer, Donna is knowledgable, approachable and reliable. She has a good understanding of fitness and how to help her clients meet their goals, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to kickstart their fitness regime.” -Genna, Copywriter

Name: Mable
Age: 34 years old
Occupation: Sales personnelBefore I know Donna, I was doing muay thai fitness classes 2-3 times per week. However due to pregnancy planning, my in-laws are not receptive of me doing strenuous and contact sports; hence I stopped doing muay thai and soon got lazy. It is until about 5 months later I felt lowness in energy level and poor sleep quality. I derive that it is due to not exercising.
After that, I googled and found Donna; and started training with her.
She is informative and positive. I always look forward to every session. Apart from training, results are shown by following her diet recommendation and exercise homework.
After few weeks, Sleep quality has improved and fatigue greatly reduced. I try to keep a healthy lifestyle; sleep, eat healthily and meet Donna for my weekly trainings. Sessions are interesting and thoughtfully planned, like following through a curriculum that makes every parts of the body work.
After conscientious effort, I’m quite happy with my overall outlook after around 1.5 months and hence it keeps me going until I finally got pregnant in March 2017.
I will certainly be back with Donna after my delivery so that I can get back in shape fast.