Personal Training

About Me

I enjoy sharing fitness with others through fun and interactive sessions, believing that every individual can be pushed to their best potential. If you are looking for someone patient and encouraging to walk you through your journey, do reach out to me and we can have a chat! :)

My philosophy is as of below:

Be transformed by both renewal of the mind and physical training

Your diet should be healthy, balanced and sustainable alongside your lifestyle. This means it does not only complement you physically, but emotionally as well.

What comes off fast comes back on fast.

Apart from physical training, majority of what you do outside those training sessions attribute to your results too. Long-term results that stick begins with transforming both BODY and MIND. One cannot do without the other.

The key is to make small changes across a period of time as you adjust your well-being slowly.

We will identify root issues when it comes to battling daily decisions regarding food choices especially during social situations, family dinners, work stress etc.

Why should I get a trainer?

When you’re starting out, it is essential for someone to monitor your form and ensure that you carry out every exercise properly. I’ve met many ladies who have been exercising for years and still performing bodyweight squats wrongly. As a result, they’re not able to target their butt muscles as desired. Having a trainer present will make sure you get your workout forms in check and also, it will reduce your risks of injuries.

Have you ever felt bored and demotivated doing a routine? Having someone to encourage and push you makes a big difference to your workout being effective yet enjoyable. It’s almost like having a training buddy. When you’re alone, it’s so easy to stop once you think you feel tired. What makes the difference is going beyond that burn, and that’s where your trainer comes in.

It’s often that the best workouts are the ones that almost didn’t happen. Having made an appointment with your trainer gives you the added incentive to get yourself to the gym. This will make sure that you hold yourself accountable for the progress and results.

Here’s the thing, you may have the best diet plan in the world, but setting the habits in stone involves so many smaller steps – from getting your groceries from the supermarket, preparing your meals and more importantly, the question is what happens if you eat outside and are unable to find the foods listed on your plan?

So here’s what we want to do – throw the word “diet” out of the window. Know your daily minimum requirements and get them in to set your metabolism on fire!

1-1 Personal Training

The sessions are usually conducted at in-house gyms, indoor or outdoor spaces with portable exercise kits. I currently provide 1-1, pair or group training sessions and online coaching (See link). Have no fear as the workout program will  be customized to various fitness levels and goals accordingly. So you will never have to worry about not keeping up!

To schedule a trial appointment with me, please contact me directly via my contact no. +65 97397964 or through my email at

The trial is provided at $100 and will allow you to assess whether the training is suitable for you.

If you are unsure, feel free to check out the testimonials of my other clients whom I have worked with!

Online Training

For those of you who have a higher level of discipline and are able to adhere to program but you require basic guidance and accountability, then this would be a much more feasible choice for you! You will be provided with three in-person training sessions to go through proper form for the exercises.

Also, we will go down right to setting up your nutrition  according to your lifestyle. If you cook at home, I will provide you a supermarket guided tour to select the the kinds of foods for your eating success. If you work all day in office, we will walk through your vicinity for the list of stalls that would be catered towards  your fitness goals. Slots are limited, so hurry sign up now and drop me an email at !

Do check out the testimonials of my other clients whom I have worked with!

Donna also possesses a strong athletic background in 10 years of competitive squash and have participated in both local and international tournaments. Her accolades include the Women’s Team Bronze Award at the ASEAN University Games 2012,  Womens’ Team Gold at the Singapore University Games in 2008, 2009 &  2010 consecutively. Donna has also represented the Singapore SAFRA Team in the Singapore National Squash League since 2006 for the Ladies Team Division I.


  • National Council of Strength and Fitness – Personal Trainer Certification
  • Sports Medicine Australia – Sports Massage Certification
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation + Automated External Defibrillator (CPR+AED)
  • National University of Singapore – Bachelor’s in Computing (Communication and New Media)
  •  Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1   PNLOGO_1
  • Rehab Trainer Essentials
  • Rehab Trainer Master Class