WBPF Singapore 2015

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Here are some very few pictures below that I took from the WBPF Singapore last Sunday that took part at Geylang West CC. It was such a muscle-candy galore as the contestants strut their thing across the stage. I didn’t manage to take photos of them on the stage however as I was too engrossed in watching them flex their mices. But thankfully, I managed to grab some backstage!

For a lot of you who don’t know much about competitive bodybuilding, here it goes ! Basically,┬ácompetitors will be called upon the stage and perform specified poses, and later on performing individual posing routines which a panel of judges will determine the ranking. It really isn’t just about how much muscle you pack on your body, i.e muscularity. Judges also look at other criteria such symmetry and conditioning (you know, when you see the veins protruding).

As for the post-contest pictures, here is Mr Junior Singapore AKA Ben Broughton Liang. Missed working with this one. This guy definitely puts his 100% dedication and commitment into his craft.


And here is Ms Caethrin Unjoto.

L TO R: Jasmine, Seetoh Jiaxin and Me

L to R: Jasmine, Azimah and Me

A super nice fitfam photo in support of Ben, Jiaxin, Ray and Faris

Ending off with me and Jasmine Danker (www.jasminedanker.com) just playing around

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